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Songwriters & Singers: From left to right, Servondo Mark, Cheryl Lundberg, Marcella Wies, Brent Luck at Operyland Hotel in Nashville, TN
Singer Matt Lowery (Left) & Anthony Kinchion at Choice Productions in Phoenix, AZ laying down vocal tracks.

Studio A at Trinity Music City in Hendersonville, TN TMC Recording Studio.

Fresh Fire From Left to right: Matt Lowery, Marcella Wies, Cheryl Lundberg & Brent Luck making jokes during the "Fresh Fire" photo shoot.
Eddy Joyner at the mixing board during the recording of "Breath Of Heaven" at TCM Recording Studios at Trinity Music City in Hendersonville, TN
Eddy Joyner, Gary Primm setting up for the recording of "Breath Of Heaven."
Left to right: Eddy Joyner & Cheryl Lundberg mixing "Breath Of Heaven."
Matt Lowery in background singing his heart out in the vocal booth while Anthony Kinchion in Phoenix, AZ records at the mixing board.
Gary Prim making number musician charts at TBN's Trinity Music City Recording Studio in Hendersonville, TN
Marcella Wies & Cheryl Lundberg recording background vocals in recording studio in Hendersonville, TN.
Matt Lowery - Lead Singer


Cheryl Lundberg

Songwriter & Singer

Nashville trip to record background music at Trinity Music City in Hendersonville, TN.

Brent Luck - Singer & Songwriter


Songs from the CD being created in worship during worship meetings with Servondo Mark & Cheryl Lundberg.
Eddy Joyner, Brent Luck & Marcella Wies in Hendersonville, TN during the laying down of tracks for the "Breath Of Heaven" CD.
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Marcella Wies

Singer & Songwriter


Left to right: Helen Gibson, "Focus On Faith," Matt Lowery & Cheryl Lundberg